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i was all set to upload episode 1 a week and a half ago, and then the motherboard got fried. a week and a half later, relieved that we didn’t lose data (oh, did i mention we hadn’t had a back-up plan? we didn’t know if the first 4 podcasts were gone for good, but luckily the whole hard drive was safe) so, within 3 hours of getting the computer back from the apple folks (it was under warranty, so whew!) a doggie paw smashes into the screen and the computer lands face down on the carpet. (screens, unfortunately are not covered under warranty. oops!) luckily mr. carrot is a computer nerd and enjoys a new challenge/experience.  a $100 part is better than sending it away. again.  and being charged $700.

i’ll do my best to get episode 1 uploaded tonight, however, something tells me the universe doesn’t want that to happen.



ETA:  ok, it’ll take a little while longer.  the motherboard freak-out appears to have affected the sound of one of the tracks.  luckily i have the raw data saved as a different file. gah!   we’re looking at monday for the upload now.  (have to make lots of food for grandpa’s [and my] birthday party on sunday.  including the cake.  podcast takes a back seat to cake.)


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